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The purpose of this blog isn't just to showcase the events we've coordinated or give you helpful tips and pointers, but it's to journal and document the families we've encountered and the moments we've been a part of, where they took time out of their busy schedules to really look back on their lives and count their blessings...and simply put, to celebrate and have a good time! My hope is that this blog will inspire you to do the same in your own life!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sam & Susan Engagement Session

FUNNY STORY: I was at a wedding a few years ago and the MC called up 3 guys and 3 girls for a dancing competition where the winners would receive a portable DVD player. Great prize, I know! We forced our friend (Ph*l Je*n) to go up there and he ended up getting partnered with this cute girl in a yellow dress. When the music started, these two went at it like they were trying to win a home theater sound system! I mean, they were definitely shakin' what their mama gave 'em! Anyway, they ended up winning and I remember thinking, "Wow, this girl is really crazy...CRAZY AWESOME!" Who knew a few years later, I'd be planning the cute, crazy but awesome, girl in the yellow dress's wedding...coincedence? I think not!

Can't wait to get started on all the fun details for their whimsical wedding inspired by fun pops of color and my favorite...burlap! Time to oil up the flower pom pom making machine again!

Here are some images from their engagement session shot by the lovely Gabriel Ryan at the OC Fair. Enjoy!

Susan loves color to say the least...

Lookin' good, guys!!!

Sam, I have no idea why you were so nervous...you're a natural!


I can't wait for their wedding! We have been running into some issues with the church and may even be changing ceremony venues, only problem is...the wedding is in NOVEMBER! Most couples would be freaking out, but Sam and Susan have been so grounded and level headed throughout the whole process. Keep your eyes on the prize, guys!!! I guess that's truly se.lah.ve at its best for you! Will we surrender to life's lemons??? NO WAY!!! Stay tuned for what kind of lemonade we make out of this situation... 

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  1. Hope you and Gerry had a great weekend. You are awesome!