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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Susanna and Jerome at Pandora on Green

I know I've said this before but I can't help but say it over and over again...I've been so blessed to have been able to work with some of the most creative brides! And Susanna definitely cannot be excluded from this list. She very carefully put together the details of this wedding while finishing up her 3rd semester in law school at NYU...yes, in New York City...all the way across the country!!! And as you will see, the details of this wedding are absolutely delicious!

Just to give you a little history lesson, I met Susanna through Jerome, who I met through my husband (remember Gerry?). Gerry was one of Jerome's best men and the two have been friends since elementary school. I've personally known Jerome for about 8 years now and I always wondered what kind of a girl he'd marry. I had an idea of what he wanted, but was sometimes doubtful of whether such a girl existed. BOY, was I wrong! Susanna is the quintessential trophy wife. Not only is she super smart and super hot but she's sassy, fun AND the girl's got style!

But as much as Jerome may have found his trophy wife, Susanna didn't do too bad for herself either. ;) Here's to the trophy couple!

Photos courtesy of the amazing Christine Farah! Chrissy, just know that you helped me survive most of the day.

Congratulations, Susanna and Jerome! I was so blessed to have been a part of your wedding planning journey and I look forward to all the non-wedding related memories to come. You guys are both so gifted as individuals and I am so excited to see what you guys will do together as Husband and Wife. You guys are going to be amazing, I just know it! And...I hope your couch is comfortable because I call dibs for when Gerry and I come visit! ;)


  1. love the post and your blog!

  2. you're the best CP!! wish we could do it again :)

  3. Where did the wedding ceremony take place? It's a gorgeous church!