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The purpose of this blog isn't just to showcase the events we've coordinated or give you helpful tips and pointers, but it's to journal and document the families we've encountered and the moments we've been a part of, where they took time out of their busy schedules to really look back on their lives and count their blessings...and simply put, to celebrate and have a good time! My hope is that this blog will inspire you to do the same in your own life!

Friday, July 16, 2010


In a time where money is scarce and where most of us are trying to save every dollar we can, DIY is sometimes our only option when planning a party. But does that mean our special events should lack in style and grace? Absolutely not!

Long gone are the days when design options were limited to whatever you could create from construction paper, crayons, scissors and glue. Technology is at our finger tips and wonderful programs like Photoshop and Illustrator allow us to incorporate images and unique fonts into our paper crafts. But let's face it, Photoshop is like another realm in the Universe for most of us and keeping up with the latest fonts can cost an arm and a leg!

That's why the creators of Paper and Cake are ingenious! They make it so easy to find a party theme you're looking for, giving you great examples and ideas on layout, as well as allowing you to purchase their "printable partyware" for a very reasonable price.

I was actually introduced to this site by a friend, who I'm working with to plan her son's first birthday...it's going to be a nautical themed party!!! I already bought my Sperry's!

Invitations, Thank You Cards, Envelopes, Front Door Signs and more!

Pennant Banner spelling, "Celebrate"

Lantern Patterns, Straw Markers, Pinwheels, & Paper Hats

Cupcake Flags, Favor Tags & Cup Rings
Again, here is the link for her Etsy Store Paper and Craft. For $14.95 you get:

*Invitation + Envelope
*Front Door Sign
*Pennant Banner “Celebrate”
*Cupcake flags
Cupcake wrappers
*Paper Boats (place cards / general decorations)
*Captain’s Birthday hat
Cone Party Hats
*Favor tags
Favor box
Thank you note + Envelope
* Party Food labels
Straw Markers
Pin Wheel Craft
*Snack Box / Hamburger Sleeve
Napkin Rings / Vase Wraps / Candle Wraps
Paper Lantern
Full Patterned Sheets

* Customizable item: Those items with an asterisk* can be easily personalized using Acrobat Reader, a free download from Adobe.com. Each collection has detailed instructions and recommendations.

Wow, I feel like I should get paid for this. LOL! Who knows...maybe all 5 of my readers will buy something on her website! That's $75! As my husband would say..."That's 75 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers from Jack in the Box!"


  1. Wow these look great! Love your blog too and your work. :)

  2. Hey I'm an avid reader Christine and your biggest fan! Good job! I love this site too!

  3. sooooooo cuuuuteee!!! i love it!! =D

  4. Way cool you two.. I may have to hire u for my unborn child's dohl. You have 17months!!

  5. Awww, thanks guys! I feel so loved!

    And Grace, thank you for being an avid reader of all 2 of my blog posts! teehee!